StoryKey Demo

This is a demo of StoryKey, a proof of concept Brainwallet inspired by BIP39. It converts an arbitrary string of data into an English paragraph intended for longterm human memory as well as a seed phrase useful for deriving other private keys.

Random Key:



In Miami I saw
1. a groggy tyrant inaugurate a cowboy,
2. a divergent Claude Debussy shift Johannes Vermeer,
3. a vengeful burglar read with a stingray,
4. a sentimental Superman promise to a carpenter,
5. a hasty Star-Lord prod William Faulkner,
6. a jubilant umpire sit with a mammal,
7. and Phil Hartman remove Steve Carell.

Seed Phrase:

groggy tyrant inaugurate cowboy divergent claude-debussy shift johannes-vermeer vengeful burglar read stingray sentimental superman promise carpenter hasty star-lord prod william-faulkner jubilant umpire sit mammal phil-hartman remove steve-carell

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